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Mon - Sat: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Sun: 9:00am - 3:00pm

Feature Items

  • Eagle Claw Classic 181 Baitholder
    $2.89 - $13.49

    2 slices, forged, offset, down eye. [more]

  • Luhr Jensen Luhr Jensen NEEDLEFISH

    Corrosion resistant finishes. Now with metal flipper tail for more flash and better trolling. [more]

  • Strike King Mini-king®

    Strike King Mini-King Spinnerbait is ideal for crappie, smallies and white bass. Available in a wide variety of colors, each Mini-King Spinnerbait is outfitted with a… [more]

  • Roboworm Fx Straight Tail Worms

    Soft, bass-pleasing plastic, deep 3D colors, and the exclusive Salt Release System that will provide salty taste without weighting down the worm will make these baits… [more]

    $13.99 - $14.49

    Features Balsa body inside. Durable copolymer shell. Molded 3D head, gills and scales. Internal X-Foil. Flat-Sided with strong flash on roll. Black nickel VMC® hooks.… [more]

  • Zoom Fluke Tail Goby

    Gobies are a favorite forage for smallmouth and largemouth bass everywhere, so be sure to add the Zoom Fluke Tail Goby to your drop shottin' arsenal. Made from… [more]

  • TEAR-AID Tear-aid
    $9.89 - $36.99

    Repairs holes and tears. Just peel and stick, no messy glue. Won't pull off when stretched. See-thru patch. [more]

  • Thingamabobber Thingamabobbers
    $2.89 - $12.49

    Inspired by western guides using small balloons as strike indicators to improve buoyancy and sensitivity. The Thingamabobber combines all of the best strike indicator… [more]

  • Berkley Power Eggs Floating Magnum

    Buoyant enough to float a #10 hook. All the advantages of Power Eggs, in a larger size. Won't dry out. Available with or without glitter. 0.5 ounce [more]


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Welcome to Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods. Fly fishing is a fun way to enjoy a different and challenging way to fish . Stop by and let us help you get started.We will see you soon. Be sure to catch us on Facebook  


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