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Berkley Gulp!® Floating Salmon Eggs

Outperforms natural salmon eggs. Potent scent disperses to attract sensitive-smelling trout and salmon. Durable and long lasting. Stays on the hook longer. [more]

Berkley Power Eggs Floating Magnum

Buoyant enough to float a #10 hook. All the advantages of Power Eggs, in a larger size. Won't dry out. Available with or without glitter. 0.5 ounce [more]

Berkley Glitter Trout Dough

Smells and tastes like Garlic and Salmon Egg. Crystalina glitter reflects light and increases visibility. For optimal presentation all doughs will float a #14 or smaller treble hook. [more]

$13.99 - $14.49

Features Balsa body inside. Durable copolymer shell. Molded 3D head, gills and scales. Internal X-Foil. Flat-Sided with strong flash on roll. Black nickel VMC® hooks. Incredible life-like finishes. 3D Holographic eyes. Hand tuned & tank tested. Technique: Casting & trolling. [more]

Pautzke Green Label Salmon Eggs

A proven trout producer and a true favorite. We have selected these eggs from King and Chum Salmon eggs. Fluorescent red. 1 ounce jar. [more]

Luhr Jensen Luhr Jensen NEEDLEFISH

Corrosion resistant finishes. Now with metal flipper tail for more flash and better trolling. [more]

Roboworm Fx Straight Tail Worms

Soft, bass-pleasing plastic, deep 3D colors, and the exclusive Salt Release System that will provide salty taste without weighting down the worm will make these baits your "go-to" worms. Try the 4 1/2" for dropshotting, or any finesse presentation, the buoyancy of this plastic will create motion in… [more]

Hawken Woolie Bugger Jigs

The Woolly Bugger Jig is as versatile as it gets. The lifelike action of the marabou tail, glimmers of Flash-a-bou, and buggy look of the hackled body make this jig perfect for whatever fish you might be chasing. Each Woolly Bugger Jig is hand tied with fluorescent/UV dyed feathers, powder painted… [more]

Thomas Fighting Fish

Unique bend and raised "scale" pattern of this spoon create action and flash irresistible to all types of gamefish. [more]

Strike King Mini-king®

Strike King Mini-King Spinnerbait is ideal for crappie, smallies and white bass. Available in a wide variety of colors, each Mini-King Spinnerbait is outfitted with a 2.1 size Tennessee diamond blade for maximum flash and vibration. Mini-King Spinnerbaits also feature durable diamond dust heads and… [more]

Atlas Premium Bait Eggs

Special processing of these extra large size eggs produces a firmness for keeping the egg on the hook. [more]

Zoom Fluke Tail Goby

Gobies are a favorite forage for smallmouth and largemouth bass everywhere, so be sure to add the Zoom Fluke Tail Goby to your drop shottin' arsenal. Made from realistic, super-soft plastic, the Fluke Tail Goby combines the enticing fluttering action of a fluke-like split tail and a slender… [more]

12 Results